Wine List (DOCG)

(DOCG) The Italian DOCG classification stands for 'Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita'. This is the highest classification for wine quality in Italy and signifies that the wine is not only controlled but that the quality is also guaranteed.

  Bottle Half Bottle (Carafe) Glass
 MONTEPULCIANO D'ABRUZZO doc "Red" 22,50 11,00 4,50
  Medium Dry Italian House Wine
 NERO D'AVOLA Sicily doc "Red" 19,50 12 5,5
   This elegant, dry red wine has distinctive berry fruit aromas which are matched with soft rich flavours lingering on the palate.
  The indigenous Sangiovese is the most planted red variety in Italy's vineyards. It's the lifeblood of red wine production in the central Italian regions of Tuscany and Umbria; it also grows in several other regions. It is the major grape of Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and the only variety in Brunello di Montalcino.
 BARDOLINO CLASSICO doc "Red" 22,50 - -
  Well Structured Fruity Wine. Voted Red Wine of the Year By Wine Magazine.  
 MARLOT doc "Red" 22,50  
  Concentration of ripe mulberry & loganberry with a hint of violets. Some firm tannins give this an earthy feel. Quite a big wine, mouth filling with a long delicious fruity finish.
  Ruby red with blush tones. Aroma of wild fruits, raspberries and blackberries with hints of cherry.
 NAJA SYRAH (SHIRAZ ) Sicily doc "Red" 24,00  
  Intense red ruby in colour with a delicately fruity taste and spicy after taste.
 NEGROAMARO doc PUGLIE "Red" €22,50    
  A stunning Negroamaro from southern Italy made in a New World fruit-forward and peppery style. Very easy to drink.
 CORVO doc sicily "Red" €25,00    
  A garnet coloured wine with a soft, ripe nose of blackberries, cherries, plums and spices. On the palate, this wine is remarkably smooth with dark fruit and spice sensations.
 DOLCETTO D’ASTI "Red" €22,50  
  Dolcetto d’Asti is made in the Monferrato, the area in Piedmont where winemaking is most extensively pursued. This is a light and intriguingly balanced wine, between dusty softness and a hard note of bitterness. A popular cafe wine in northern Italy.
 PRIMITIVO doc "Red" 19,50  
  Brilliant scarlet, hints of ruby and a touch of garnet. Just translucent. Spicy ripe plums with layered sweet vanilla oak. Smoky, charcoal aromas add complexity. Loaded with ripe plums and cherries.
 DOLCETTO D'ALBA doc "Red" 25,00  
  A meld that thrives on certain grapes, and contributes to the characteristic honeyed sweetness of Sauternes and late-harvest Rieslings.
 CHIANTI doc "Red" 23,50  
  A rich, complex Chianti which combines elegant spicy characters, medium body and tannins for a Balanced Finish.
 CHIANTI IN FIASCO STRAW doc "Red" 27,00  
  This ruby red wine is grown in the mountainous region of Tuscany. It is very powerful and dark.
 BARBERA DASTI doc "Red" 22,50
  Wonderfully light, pure flavours of just ripe black cherries and fresh blackberries, overlaid with some seductive, smoky espresso tones.
 LAMBRUSCO doc "Red" 23,50
  It's the name of both a red wine grape and an Italian wine made principally from the grape. The grapes and the wine originate from four zones in Emilia-Romagna and one in Lombardy.
 BAROLO doc "Red" 35,00  
  Barolo wine is derived from the Nebbiolo grape and produced in Italy's Piedmont region. This is one of the world's best red wines and is an example of a wine that gets better and better with age.
 TREBBIANO D'ABRUZZO doc House Wine "White" 22,50 11,00 4,50
  Light, refreshing, fruity white wine.
  BIANCO ALCAMO doc SICILY "White" 19,50 €11,00 €5,50
  Bottle Floral and fruity, refreshing. Yellow in colour with thin green reflections.      
 SOAVE CLASSICO doc "White" 22,50  
  A lovely Soave Classico: dry and light, very refreshing. Crisp, clean finish.
 VERDICCIHIO CLASSICO doc "White" 22,50  
  An elegant and balanced white wine to have with any dish.
 ORVIETO CLASSICO doc "White" 22,50  
  Medium Dry, full of fruit and freshness.
 PINOT GRIGIO doc "White" 22,50  
  A fruit-driven Pinot Grigio style boasting stone fruit and citrus flavours. Balanced subtle oak integration and a crisp finish.
 CHARDONNAY VENETO doc "White" 22,50  
  Stylish and elegant with intense flavours of lemon and lime. Wonderful white, goes well with seafood.
  Grillo in purity, yellow in colour, delicate scent of wild grass. Sharp with a spicy finish.
 FRASCATI SUPERIORE doc "White" 23,50  
  Crisp and elegant. Good Structure and Balance. Mixed fruits - apples, figs and dates with white flowers and brown spices in an exotic aroma.
 PROSECCO VINO SPUMANTE BRUT doc Sparking "White" 26,00  
  Dry sparkling wine with a characteristic bitter aftertaste.
 SAMBUCA  2,25