Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil & Olive Oil, Mozzarella Cheese, Baked in oven on Ciabatta Bread (V)



Tomatoes, Basil, Italian Smoked Bacon and Mozzarella Cheese Layered on Rustic Bread and Baked

Garlic Bread with Cheese


Fresh In-House Bread

Garlic Pizza


Garlic and tomato sauce


Our pizzas are made with fresh homemade tomato sauce and 100% mozzarella cheese


Pizza di Romano


Italian Sausage, Fresh Tomato, Parma Ham, Aubergine.


Pizza Pugliese


Mushroom, Ham.


Pizza Siciliana


Mushroom, Egg, Ham.


Pizza Calabrese


Onion, Red Pepper, Italian Sausage.



Pizza Fantasia


Parma Ham, Pepperoni, Roasted Pepper, Garlic.



Covered Pizza Filled with Ham and Bolognese Sauce.

Pizza Tropicale


Pineapple, Ham.

Pizza Mexicana


Ham, Jalapeno Peppers, Roast Peppers, and Sweetcorn.

Pizza Masala


Chicken Tikka, Mixed Roast Peppers, Onions and Sweetcorn.

Pollo Funghi


Breast of Chicken Marinated in Saffron, Ham and Mushrooms.

Pollo di Romano


Chicken, White Onions, Mushrooms, Chili Flakes and Sweetcorn.

Pizza Marinara


Fresh Seafood, Mussels, Prawns, Salmon, Anchovies, Capers.

Pizza al Salmone


Fresh Salmon, Olives, Red Onions.

Pizza con Gamberetti


King Prawns, Shrimps, Capers.

Pizza Margherita


Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese

Pizza Napoletana


Tomato, Cheese, Onions, Roast Peppers.

Pizza Quattro Formaggi


Gorgonzola, Fontina, Parmesan, Mozzarella Cheese.


At Ristorante Romano we are dedicated to excellent food, friendly service, a warm atmosphere and value for money. Our menu is designed to meet all tastes and include meats, seafood, pasta, pizza, vegetarian, gluten free and vegan dishes. We are very proud to source the freshest local produce here in Cork and Carigaline to bring you the best quality food available. All our food is freshly prepared every day in our kitchen including all our sauces, pastas breads and ice creams to ensure you get the best experience in Italian dining. We will be delighted to see you in our restaurant any time. Thank you. Grazie.

We are open for lunch everyday from 12 midday until 4 pm. From 4pm until late a là carte menu.

Tel 021 4919019


1a Owenabue Mall, Main Street, Carrigaline, Cork



Spaghetti Meatballs


Spaghetti Pasta Cooked with a Traditional Italian Recipe of Meatballs with a Delicious Tomato Sauce (Irish Beef).

Spaghetti alla Bolgnese


Spaghetti, Irish Beef and Bolgnese Sauce and Parmesan cheese.



Layers of Pasta, Bolgnese and Bechamel Sauces, Topped with Mozarella and Parmesan.

Cannelloni alla Bolgnese


Pasta Rolls Filled with Minced Irish Beef Bolognese and Cooked in Tomato Sauce.

Fusilli alla Campagnola


Fusilli Served with Italian Sausage, Fresh Broccoli, Garlic, Sun Dried Tomatoes, White Wine and Mushroom Sauce.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara


Spaghetti Served with Smoked Italian Ham and Garlic Cream Sauce.

Penne alla Paesana


Penne Pasta with Rich Tomato Sauce Base and Italian Ham, Mushrooms and Fresh Peas.

Penne all' Italiana


Penne Served with Italian Sausage, Mushroom, Courgettes and Basil Pesto in White Wine Sauce.

Farfalle Pollo


Farfalle Pasta Served with Pieces of Chicken Marinated in Saffron and Cooked in Pomodoro Sauce with Sweetcorn, Red Onions and Crushed Chillies.

Tagliatelle Pollo


Tagliatelle Served with Pieces of Chicken Marinated in Saffron and Cooked in White Wine and Mushroom Sauce with Basil.

Tagliatelle Prestige


Tagliatelle Served with Sliced Chicken Breast Marinated in Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Onions and Cooked in White Wine an Mushroom Sauce.

Fusilli con Gamberetti


Fusilli Pasta with King Prawns, Garlic, Spring Onions, Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, Cooked in Vodka and Served with Citrus Cream Sauce.

Tagliatelle alla Marinara


Seasonal Selection of Fish and Shellfish, Garlic, Herbs and Lemon Cooked in Tomato and Cream Sauce Dressed with Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Pesto.

Tagliatelle al Salmone


Salmon Cuts, Dill and Tarragon Flamed with White Wine and Cooked in Cream Sauce.

Piatto della Casa


Fresh Seafood, Calamari, King Prawns, Small Prawns, Fresh Mussels, Capers and Pasta Served in Romano's Rich Pomodoro Sauce.

Ravioli al Salmone


Traditional Homemade Ravioli Pasta Cooked with Irish Salmon in a Cream and Tomato Sauce.

Farfalle Quattro Formaggi


Farfalle Pasta Cooked in Cream, White Wine, Basil Pesto with Gorgonzola, Swiss Emmental, Fontina and Parmesan Cheese.

Penne all'Arrabbiata


Penne Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes, Black Olives, Chillies, Onion and basil in Tomato Sauce.

Spaghetti al Pesto


Homemade Pasta with Basil Pesto, Parmesan Cheese and Pine Nuts.



Sirloin Stroganoff


12oz Finest Irish Beef Served with Stroganoff.

Sirloin Mushroom Sauce


12oz Sirloin Irish Beef Served with Mushroom and White Wine Sauce.

Sirloin Steak Romano


Steak Served with Prawns, Cream, Tomato Sauce.

Fillet Steak Romano


10oz Finest Irish beef, Grilled then Baked with Mozzarella and Romano's Rich Pomodoro Sauce.

T-Bone Steak


12oz T-Bone Steak Served with Romano's Salad, Fries and Garlic Butter.

Pollo alla Casanova


Breast of Chicken Cooked in Spiced Sauce and Served with Roasted Red Peppers.

Pollo Stroganoff


Breast of Chicken Cooked in Roast Peppers, French Mustard Sauce, Olives and Green Peppercorns.

Pollo Romano


Chargrilled Breast of Chicken Served with Romano's Pomodoro Sauce Served with Salad and French Fries.

Charcoal Fillet of Chicken alla Milanese


Grilled Finest Chicken Breast Marinated in Milanese Sauce, Served with French Fries and Salad.

Gamberetti Romano


King Prawns, Cherry Tomatoes and Mussels Cooked in Tomato sauce and Served with Pasta or Risotto.

Fritto Misto alla Romano


Fresh Seafood, Calamari, king Prawns, Salmon and Mussels Deep Fried in Finest Italian Herbs.

Calamari Fritti


Calamari Fried in Finest Italian Herbs Served with Seafood Napoli Sauce, Side Salad and French Fries